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Which Programme is the right option for you?

Adventure Education Tours: unconventional study trips designed for students and professionals with a limited time to study another language.  The course combines language training with travel & tourism.  A great way to visit different locations daily while practicing a second language with fully qualified language instructors. NEW!!! read more>>

E-Learning: Personalised online lessons through daily e-mails.  The student is introduced to new chapters through a touch of humour, different language registers and accents. Available in English and French. NEW!!! read more>>

General English: these programmes last anything from 1 week up to a year. They can be standard or intensive depending on the number of hours of study per week. There are General English courses for children, juniors, adults all year round.

Academic English Courses: these courses prepare overseas students who wish to study at a university or college and help them gain access to their desired institution. The key objective of the course is to build students' academic language skills. 

Exam Preparation Courses: IELTS, BULATS, Cambridge, Trinity, TOEIC, TOEFL.

Business English – courses for Professionals and Executives: these courses will help gain confidence and fluently in English by increasing familiarity with the terminology and language usage a specific industry or profession. Participants will work on developing skills such as: report writing, letter writing, constructing e-mails, presentations, and they will learn to participate on equal terms in meetings and negotiations. Industry specific topics include: Accountancy, Agriculture, Aviation, Banking, Catering, Commerce, Engineering, Education, Energy Industry, Finance , Horticulture, Hotels, Human Resources, IT, Insurance, Import/Export, Law, Marketing, Media, Medicine, Public Relations, Pharmaceuticals, Travel And Tourism, etc

Home-Tuition: This is an intensive total immersion 1:1 course that takes place in the home of your tutor. The language course is tailor made by your teacher to meet your individual needs. You can study privately as an individual, or together with colleagues, friends or family.

Young Learners/Summer Courses: the younger students have a full choice of tuition along with activities and excursions. Packages include accommodation, airport transfers, meals, and 24 hours supervision 7 days a week by fully qualified teachers. All levels are accepted. These are fantastic holiday courses with fun programmes for children as young as 7. They are excellent training programmes, in safe locations with superb facilities.

Tailor Made Group Courses: these topic-specific courses are for groups of students who wish to improve their language skills in a particular field such as: English & Tourism, Gardening, Cookery, Courses for Mature Students, Companies, Government Officials, Military Personnel, etc.-

Overseas Teacher Training Programmes: these courses are for non-native English language teachers who wish to improve their English skills or develop their professional knowledge. They include: Language Development, Methodology, Classroom Management, Practical teaching skills, Lesson Planning, Teaching Aids and Resources, Observation of Experienced Teachers.

Family Programmes: Family language courses combine language lessons with other activities for all the members of the family. These courses are a good way to learn a language and imbue the local culture while you spend time with your family.

One-to-One lessons: can be added to any course. This is personalised individual tuition: one teacher to one student.

You will enjoy innovative, engaging, student-centred teaching, alongside - if you wish - varied leisure programmes.  To find out more on how we can help you please contact us.


Programmes for result focused clients:

  • General English
  • Academic English
  • Exam Preparation
  • Business Programmes
  • Home Tuition
  • Young Learners
  • Summer Programmes
  • Group Courses
  • Teacher Training
  • Family Programmes
  • 1:1 Tuition