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FP Language Experience 

Get FREE, professional and impartial advice from the experts on how to choose the most suitable study programme abroad.  Our experience and cultural awareness will allow us to provide accurate, relevant information that will help you choose a course to suit your interests, your budget and your personal circumstances.

Can we help you?

We believe that by putting you, our client first and fully understanding your particular needs, we will fulfil your linguistic and cultural expectations.  Whether you are a language learner, or a language teacher; a linguist, a professional or an executive  - we can help anyone with a passion for language and an avid interest in other cultures.

We can help:

  • Students interested in study programmes in a foreign country
  • Students taking career or vocational training programmes
  • Individuals taking leisure, hobby or special interest programmes
  • Individuals adding a skill to help them find their first job
  • Employees building skills to qualify for promotion
  • Executives with new international responsibilities
  • Entrepreneurs looking to expand their international activities
  • University graduates entering MBA, medical, legal, or accounting programmes
  • University students requiring higher IELTS, Toeic, Toefl scores

Our philosophy is No Risk, No Hassle!  We help our clients enrol ONLY in reputable educational institutions which are 100% committed to excellence. Carefully selected, our centres are friendly and welcoming and they offer students an ideal learning environment.

What do we do?

If you are looking to develop your language skills further we can provide advice on how to choose the best study programme on offer abroad.  There are many different courses, types of accommodation, activities and destinations to choose from. Let us put our experience to work for you so you can make  informed decisions from the first moment you decide to embark upon your journey of studying abroad. We offer personalised attention at all times!

Language programmes can be tailored to individual requirements.  They can be designed to meet special requests from families, students, teachers, schools, colleges, universities and/or businesses.

Because flexibility is paramount, you can choose the length of your stay. We offer courses abroad from a minimum of one week.  

We can arrange all-inclusive packages that include:

  • Airport transfer
  • Travel and excursions within the country
  • Accommodation
  • Tailored language plus study programmes
  • Tailored social and activity programmes
  • On going support, help and advice throughout your stay abroad

Tell us what you are looking for and we will send you the most cost effective, individualised study programme to meet your needs.  

To find out more on our study programmes abroad please contact us. We can advise you on the latest top of the range study programmes available in the UK, USA, Spain, South America, France and Germany.

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Why choose us?

Parents, Teachers, Students and Executives choose us because:

  • We provide personal attention at all times
  • We focus on their specific requirements
  • We work with the most reputable educational centres in the country
  • All our educational institutions are accredited by the British Council and English UK
  • We offer up to date, comprehensive advice at all times
  • Our consultancy services guarantee clients the most rewarding learning experience from beginning to end